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Why - the basis of the network

Because we need to stick together to make a greater impact, we have created a global network to share knowledge and build on existing ideas that will bring us closer to a joint goal – empower the little ones and adolescents to make healthy and sustainable food choices.

The basis of the network

The Early Action Network (EAN)  is an initiative designed to support plant-based projects at any stage and of any size via online resources for the purpose of creating a friendly environment where youngsters worldwide learn and feel engaged. Most current plant-based, environment and animal advocacy focuses on adults. Through raising awareness and deploying rational and emotional appeals, advocates go to great lengths to change attitudes and behaviours in grown-ups. Our attitudes and behaviours, however, don’t just fall out of the sky.

What we think about animals and what we choose to put on our plates is mostly the result of a long process of learning and habituation, which starts early in life. Yet, comparatively little effort goes into reaching out to children and adolescents during this formative period, addressing the cause of animal consumption rather than only its effects. Creating a veg-friendly environment for kids to grow up in, normalising plant-based eating, and breaking the dependence on animal products will go a long way towards facilitating ethical and rational debates. While several organizations and groups have established outreach programmes and initiatives over the past years to raise awareness about plant-based diets with young generations, there is still a clear need for more intensified collaboration among relevant stakeholders so as to share best practices and resources and thus strengthen joint efforts.

Let’s change this – after all, children and adolescents are the generation that will inherit the future from us.


Cumulative learning and coaction is only possible by joining forces and working together as one united team.

For this reason, we have created this platform where you will find gathered know-how on everything needed for your existing and/or future projects aimed at effectively advocating for healthier and sustainable diets for children and adolescents.

Imagine how much faster having answers to our questions will get us.

EAN provides all you need to keep the wheel rolling instead of re-inventing it. Let’s grab a hold of this opportunity at our doorstep to make change happen. Come join, read, apply for funding, engage and network with us. Here are the tools and materials included:

Alexa Gnauck

Manager Early Action Network

„The climate debate is spreading like wildfire around the world. It makes me incredibly proud that more and more young people are making a strong commitment to the future of the planet and thus their future. We want to include the next generation in all decision-making processes and due to my personal history I strongly believe in the power children have to create major changes – whether that be in their families, communities or society all together.”

Jens Tuider

Founder Early Action Network

“I have always cared deeply about animals and their wellbeing. Aged 11, I founded an animal and environmental protection organisation. At that time, being a boy caring about animals, my mission didn’t meet with much support as concern for animals wasn’t considered a worthwhile end – let alone for a boy. When joining the animal rights movement many years later, I realised how a lack of support at an early age led to me abandoning something that had always been very close to my heart. So he decided to look into the then largely neglected approach of Early Intervention – that is outreach to children and adolescents to foster their natural interest in and activism for animals and animal-friendly living. After several presentations about the idea of the Early Action Network at conferences around the world, I found great support in Alexa, a kindred spirit, who has taken some rough ideas to the next level and helped conceptualise the EAN.

Berna Valladares

Assistance Fundraising Early Action Network

„Ever since I was a child, I always had a strong feeling towards animals, mostly their wellbeing. I felt that I wanted to get involved in their protection as they lack a voice of their own however, I did not know how to do this. Especially at a young age, information on animal protection, in any way, is not mainstream. After meeting Alexa,
I felt taken over by early action and how it gives children and adolescents a possibility to learn more about animals and bring awareness about the choices we as humans can opt for to protect them and coexist. Through early action, I had finally found a way to contribute therefore connecting fundraising and animal protection.“

Katie Medlock

Advisor Early Action Network

Brett Thompson

Strategic Advisor Early Action Network

„After speaking to nearly 20’000 learners in South Africa in 2012, as part of the Meat Free Mondays campaign, it became clear to me that younger generations are open to new ideas and quick to challenge existing narratives. Providing them with information and critical thinking tools allows them to come to their own conclusions — far quicker than older generations. EAN allows advocates and activists to tap into knowledge from experts and organisations — all over the world — and then transfer that knowledge onto future thought leaders to create real and lasting impact.“